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Mayor Bill de Blasio reacted on HOT 97 radio to Obama's 'CPT' joke about him at the Washington Correspondent's Dinner. De Blasio said, "It is an honor to be cooked by the mayor of the free world. Its funny. When the president makes a joke about you, ...
New York City Mayor <b>Bill</b> de Blasio responds to President Obama&#39;s <b>...</b>
A girl attempted to buy lunch with a $2 bill, which was flagged by Texas school officials as being counterfeit. They then contacted local police authorities. The bill wasn't actually counterfeit—just rare. Danesiah Neal used a $2 bill at Christa ...
Eighth Grader Tries to Pay for Lunch With $2 <b>Bill</b>; Officials Thought it <b>...</b>
Many moons ago, Trump said Bill Clinton was a “victim” to an ugly group of female accusers. Donald Trump plans to make former President Bill Clinton's sexual history come back to haunt him by labelling him as an “abuser” of women. Yet nearly two ...
Donald Trump in 1998: <b>Bill</b> Clinton Is a Victim of Unattractive Women
The bill would offer limited immunity to drug users who participate in the program. People cannot be charged or prosecuted for possession of "needles, hypodermic syringes, or other injection supplies obtained from or returned to a program" established ...
<b>Bill</b> Would Allow Needle Exchange Program For Drug Users
Bill Clinton's campaign group said he will be discussing “why Hillary Clinton is the best candidate to raise wages and break down all the barriers holding families back.” As of Monday morning, no details regarding where and when the San Diego event ...
<b>Bill</b> Clinton coming to San Diego Wednesday
(AP) - Three Oregon lawmakers have been hit with an ethics complaint filed by environmentalists, arguing they broke state law by deliberately misrepresenting the purpose behind House Bill 4040, the so-called wolf delisting bill, during the legislative ...
3 Oregon lawmakers hit with ethics complaint over wolf <b>bill</b>
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